Hammock instructions

Instructions for the use of your hammock

The construction, from which the hammock is hung, wall, beam, ceiling, tree, fence, post, etc., must be very solid! Check this thoroughly and regularly!

Hooks and rope used for hanging the hammock should be checked regularly for soundness and wear. Do not use cotton rope or cord to hang the hammock. Only Hempex or polypropylene with a minimum thickness of 10 mm is recommended to be used for hanging. Make sure that the hammock is correctly hung on the hook and that the correct knot is used when using rope.

knots for hammock suspension

The advantage of using rope between the hammock and suspension point is that the rope can be replaced during wear and thus does not wear the hammock eye. It is also nice that the hammock can always be adjusted to the correct height.

A new cotton hammock stretches more or less when used. Assume that a large hammock will hang about 40 cm lower in the middle than when you first used it.

Tip: Hang the hammock on one side on a hook, which is attached at a height between 160 cm and 190 cm. Keep the hammock taut (See drawing 1) and find the point where the other hook is to be attached, even at a height between 160 cm and 190 cm.

Then use one or two pieces of 150 cm rope each to set the hammock at the correct height with the lap stitch. The correct height for the center of the hammock is when you are sitting in the hammock with the feet flat on the floor and the knees slightly bent.

Ideal places to hang the hammock: Corner room, covered terrace, between wall and tree, between two walls, between trees, between 2 posts (eg pergola), between post and tree, between post and wall or in a hammock stand.

Maintenance of your hammock:

Keep in mind that the weather will affect the material the hammock is made of. Since our hammocks are made of natural materials, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points: Always dry the hammock well before storing it, do not let the hammock hang in damp air for longer than 2 days and if you want to avoid discolouration, we recommend Do not expose the hammock to strong sunlight for a long time.

If you leave the hammock outside for a longer period of time, wash the hammock occasionally (cold or 104°F/40°C) and make sure it has properly dried. Do not leave the hammock outside in winter. Before storing, dry the hammock well and keep it in a cupboard. Have hand-woven hammocks and hammocks with a fine fringe dry-cleaned.

hoe gebruik je een hangmat

Usage Instructions:

Spread out the hammock and then sit or lie down (see drawings 2,3,4 & 5). Ideal lying position is diagonal (see drawing 5). The hammock is not a toy. Make sure that children do not use it as a swing (see drawing 6). Make sure that the ends of the hammock are not twisted together. Never step or try to stand in the hammock (see drawing 7). Pay special attention to children. It is most pleasant to have two in the hammock, if the hammock is large enough (XL models) and if both people are on the same side of the hammock. Do not overload the hammock.

Tip: You can sit by sitting on one side of the hammock with your back facing the suspension point.

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